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         Die-Gem's facilities have the capability to design, machine and extrude many different types of profiles. We will cut, miter and print on the extrudate to meet your needs. Our Extrusion staff will be happy to give you a quote: Fill out the Quotation Form and fax any necessary drawings to 330-784-7542 or e-mail a copy of your profile AutoCAD.dwg to Die-GemExtrusions@die-gem.com. Confidentiality observed. You will find that our prices are very competitive.

The Die-Gem Extrusion Personnel.

Small Part Extrusion

Your Profile, Color, Print & Cut During the Extrusion Process

A variety of extrudate

Printed Sizer Tabs for Hanger Display

Dual Durometer Garage Door Bottom Seal

Dual Durometer Garage Door Bottom Seal Die Set

Color Varieties, Small Cuts, Printing, and Tape Applied

Table Edge Molding

Adhesive Backed Display Holder

Edge Molding

Adhesive Backed Wire Holding Clips

Rolled & Slotted OEM Circular Extrudate

OEM Clips

OEM Flexible Positioner Seal

Door Frame Seal

Extruded Frame for Brush Seal

OEM Extrudate

Extruded Single Flange Flexible Door Seal and Frame

Edge Molding Gasket for Windows

Extruded Door Seal Frame

Extruded Door & Door Bottom Seal Frame

Extruded Multi Flange Flexible Door Bottom Seal

OEM Clip for Throttle & Brake Cables

Positioning Slat

Positioning Slat

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